Huerfano County

Years ago when I was in my teens I spent my summers on a ranch that my grandparents operated next to the Huerfano Butte.  I loved it.  It was hotter than heck, but I loved it.  I know the hard-working people of Huerfano county are good people.  They deserve to live free and be safe in their communities.


No city police in Walsenburg?  How does this affect District 62 now that it has been narrowed?  There’s no doubt the issue of no city police in Walsenburg affects the whole county.  Why?  What if you live in Rye or Gardner and you need help?  How soon can you get the Sherriff while he and his officers are dealing with issues in Walsenburg?  It’s very simple.  Criminals are getting away with crime at an alarming rate due to a limited number of officers who can respond.  It’s not rocket science.  Then they travel up our interstate and enter Pueblo County.  That’s not ok.

We stand to protect Huerfano County residents.


Our current politicians are disillusioned and drunk with power.  Are they true warriors for the people?  Who are they fighting for?  These may be strong words but it’s time for strong words.  No more will we play patty cake while our rights as Americans are stripped from us.  No more will we watch our seniors suffer under medical tyrants.  No more will we watch our children suffer terribly from school curriculum that strips their innocence.  No more will we watch them suffocate under dictators who don’t care what Mom’s, Dad’s, and Grandparent’s have to say.  No more will we watch healthcare workers and teachers at the forefront of this apostasy suffering as they are dictated what to do to our precious families.  No more.


Defund the police?  Really!?  Why are we disrespecting our police officers?  Because there are some corrupt ones who don’t hold to their sworn pledge to protect and defend the constitution which gives us rights as Americans?  We have a strong foundation to build police forces that will defend, protect and serve our communities.  We have a strong foundation to hold district attorneys accountable to the districts in which they serve.  The power is in the people.  We will stand and hold our district attorneys and judges accountable to uphold the American Justice system in its raw and pure form with honor and respect to the people.


Where do I stand on gun control? I support our 2nd amendment 100%. In Colorado, the Democrats’ rejected a Republican proposal to fund our schools’ efforts for security and school resource officers with $30 million. They said “no” to protecting our children from mass shootings. Our children are too valuable to leave unprotected. Mass shootings are far more complicated than getting rid of certain guns or increasing age limits or wait periods. None of that would have stopped any one of the many shooters we have suffered through in the United States. Once the American people give any gun rights away, there will be no stopping the government’s restrictions. Open the door a crack and it will be bust wide open and we could loose them all.


I believe in life.  I believe Colorado can become known for life and not death. Government needs to get out of our medical decisions.  We, as Americans, need to be free to seek the healthcare we choose and physicians need to be free to practice medicine as they have been taught.  One train of thought should not rule our state or our country.  Our healthcare and patient rights are under attack.  I’ve been in the middle of what the government has done to seniors and people of all ages who have had to go to the hospital or live in a long-term care facility.  This is the United States of America and as Americans seeking care, we have constitutional rights whether we are in or out of a facility.

Why did last year’s legislature have to increase abortion from 6 months to full term where a mother can actually decide to kill her baby as she is pushing the baby out? Read the new abortion act that was signed on April 4, 2022 by Governer Polis, and decide for yourself how you feel about it.

People need quality healthcare and physicians need time to deliver such.  It’s time we spent money on the physical, mental and emotional health of our people instead of just talking about it.


Why is homelessness skyrocketing and affecting so many communities even in rural areas?  Is there enough housing?  Is it affordable? Why aren’t people working and contributing to the community?  Why can’t a young person get housing?  We need to ask some questions to get to the answers.  Let’s get to the bottom of the issue, pray for wisdom, and come up with a solution to help and not do further harm.